4 Card Showdown (Available)

The object of the game is to pick the winning hand between the "King Hand" & the "Queen Hand" . Players may also win if either hand appears on the printed pay table listed on the felt. Players also bet on the "total" amount of "Kings & Queens" that are dealt on both hands and are paid according to the pay table on the felt.  Placing a bet on the " High" hand is optional.

How to Play

The game is played with one deck of cards. Four cards are dealt to the "Queen" hand and four cards to the "King" hand. Player bets either hand prior to the cards being dealt. 2 cards are exposed of the "Queen" hand and one card of the "Kings" hand to begin the game. Betting occurs as each "Queen" card is exposed. Before the last card of the "Queen" hand is exposed the player betting the "Queen" hand must bet or fold. After this action the "King" hand is exposed and the winner is determined. The player is then rewarded according to the pay tables on the felt.

Players learn the game in minutes and enjoy the game for hours. Players love the game because they have multiple ways of winning and still have two ways of winning even after they fold. 

United States Patent

To view our 4 CARD SHOWDOWN patent please download the PDF below